Do You Need An Extended Warranty? Here’s A Quick Guide

kkkAn auto extended warranty is effectively a service contract that protects you from expensive car repairs once your factory warranty has expired. It is also called an extended service agreement or a vehicle service agreement.

Car owners can get Auto extended warranty deals from vehicle manufacturers. This kind of warranty practically extends the manufacturer’s warranty for a certain time period. This allows you to bring the car in for repair and service at the dealer until the warranty expires.

Insurance companies and independent service providers also offer auto extended warranty deals. This third-party coverage allows you to bring the car to any accredited garage for repairs or servicing. Some will ask you to pay for the repairs first then claim for a reimbursement while others allow the repair shops to collect from them directly.

Protection Against Unexpected Repairs

When you own a vehicle, you need to be ready for car repairs. However, sometimes even when you are ready for it, there are unexpected repairs that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars that can subject you to financial stress. Auto extended warranties ensure that you will be spared from a big headache.

Ups the Value Of the Vehicle

If you are considering your vehicle in the future, auto extended warranty deals still paint a win-win scenario for you. These service contracts are transferable for a minimal fee so the next owner of the vehicle can still use them. With an extended warranty, the resale value of the vehicle remains high.

Other Benefits

When you sign up for an extended auto warranty, it opens the door for you to enjoy several perks. You can get discounts on car rentals, towing services, trip-interruptions, and when you lost your key and you’re locked out of the vehicle.

So, do you need an auto extended warranty?

If you do not want to deal with surprise car repair bills, then auto extended warranty is for you. This is also true if you plan to keep your vehicle way beyond the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your vehicle has a good reliability record, you might be able to put on hold your purchase of an auto extended warranty. However, do not delay it too much as these contracts do not cover pre-existing issues and you might not be able to make most of the auto extended warranty deals if your car is showing several symptoms of engine or mechanical issues already.

Moreover, if your vehicle is known to have low cost for repairs, it might be best to do the math first and see if you need an auto extended warranty or you might just end up paying more if you get one.

Of course, if your vehicle is still under factory warranty, it is not advisable to get an auto extended warranty yet. There is no good reason to have a double coverage especially if your factory warranty will last for several more years. Remember, you can always get an auto extended warranty just before your factory warranty expires.

In case you are looking for the best Auto extended warranty deals, visit and learn more about service contracts, how you can get the best deals, and how you can make most of such coverages.

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Malfunctions in Automotive Electronics

Modern automobile systems are largely dependent upon the powerful electrical systems that serve as the basis for most major functions. As electricity powers each of the computerized systems in the vehicle, gear shifting, engine functions, and power steering and brakes all require decently maintained circuits and wires. In addition to these major functions, more luxury-minded features like radio, seat adjusters, and heating are also dependent on electricity.

There are numerous possible problems that can occur with a car’s electrical system, which may be the result of a poorly manufactured parts or because of a person’s unwillingness to maintain their vehicle. Perhaps the most obvious danger is if a vehicle shuts down during operation. If power is cut from the primary functions of the vehicle, a driver may lose the ease of control that is associated with using a modern automobile. Steering may become more resistant, as well as braking becoming less smooth.

In addition to a loss of power, fires can occur due to electrical sparks caused by faulty wiring or improper power output. These occurrences can become extremely dangerous to those caught inside a vehicle. If the flames reach the gas tank or other flammable liquids in the vehicle, the flames can either grow immensely or explode. Considering that there are few systems in a motor vehicle that can handle a full-blown fire, a motorist has no other option than to pull over and abandon his or her vehicle as quickly as possible.

These problems can be attributed to a range of system breakdowns. In particular, improperly wired systems or wires without the appropriate coverings can produce sparks. Also, shorted systems, occurring from malfunctioning parts, can prove extremely hazardous.

For more information regarding electrical safety in your vehicle and how the law can protect those injured by automotive defects, contact a car accident attorney.

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Automotive Electronic Climate Control – 1995 Ford

The problem with my controller was that it would no longer respond to a temperature change request. It was stuck on cold and when I tried to dial in a warmer temperature nothing would happen. I noticed a faint click coming from under the dashboard that sounded unfamiliar but didn’t follow it up at that time. The dealer told me that it was the controller module that had gone bad since it was displaying a trouble code right on the temperature screen. The code was (H2). The service manager at Ford looked all over and called several people and no one could give him an answer as to what that trouble code was for.

I bought the new climate controller and installed it but the problem was still there. Now I was out $300 because I couldn’t return the controller because it was an electronic component. So as not to introduce possibly another problem I re-installed the original controller so things were back to where I started. I decided to pursue the clicking noise coming from under the dashboard since it was new. The noise led me to the actuator motor that actually opened and closed the heater door within the vehicle ductwork. The actuator was in one of those tight places under the dashboard that required removing the entire dashboard to get to it properly. I could have tried to squeeze it out but that would be taking a chance of breaking the heater core housing so I removed the dashboard.

Before removing the dashboard I disconnected the battery because there were many wires and wiring harnesses that had to be disconnected and I didn’t wan to short anything out.

Once I had removed the actuator the problem was obvious. There is a gear drive on the motor and the gear was stripped right at the place where it had been engaged to keep the temperature in the cold sixty degree, position. I can only assume that the trouble code in the climate control screen appeared when the actuator tried to drive to where it was set to and actually drove past that point. I never found a really good schematic for the climate control circuitry to see if there is a feedback circuit but there must be one or something similar to have set the trouble code.

To help prevent this problem from happening again I now leave the climate control set at sixty-five degrees instead of sixty degrees in warm weather. That seems to prevent the motor in the actuator from driving hard against the stops and stripping the gear. So if you have a Ford product with an electronic climate control and you are having a similar problem start with the $65 actuator. If you are fortunate enough to not be having any problems with yours you may want to consider keeping the temperature setting away from the extreme ends of its travel.

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